Volvo is known for its safety, and it has combined safety and luxury in the XC90. This SUV is popular due to its high levels of comfort and style. However, the vehicle also ensures that drivers can feel secure as they cruise through Pensacola, FL.

Drivers will never need to worry about getting around the Destin area safely with the Volvo XC90. Safety features such as BLIS, or blind spot information system, help to keep tabs on nearby traffic in order to alert drivers to potential collisions. A lane-keeping aid also alerts drivers if they are leaving their lane and helps to mitigate the potential for accidents. If the driver can't react quickly enough, this aid can even assist in steering the SUV back onto the correct path.

Visit us at Volvo Cars Pensacola today to set up a test drive, and let us show you all of the Volvo XC90's safety features firsthand.

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