Tire sizes offer important info, but they might confuse you, too. We want to help at Volvo Cars Pensacola. Our explanation of tire sizes will assist you when you need new tires in Pensacola, FL.

A common tire size might be P215/55R17. To read it, we simply begin with the P, which indicates that the tire supports a passenger vehicle. Some SUV tires begin with LT, signifying light truck, and other tire model sizes do not begin with letters. The first number shows us the millimeters between the tire's sidewalls.

Moving to the right, we see the tire's sidewall height. This appears as a percentage of the sidewall width. The R that follows indicates the tire's radial construction. For support, radials deploy metal weaves beneath the tire's rubber. Nearly all consumer tires are radials. The last number tells us the appropriate wheel diameter, and it uses inches. Now, you are practically a tire expert!

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