Like many Pensacola, FL drivers, you probably hate having bright lights right behind. The reflection of glaring headlamps can leave you squinting and struggling to see. At Volvo Cars Pensacola, we want people to know that auto-dimming rearview mirrors are fantastic accessories that can effectively prevent this from ever happening.

What Auto-Dimming Mirrors Are Designed to Do

Auto-dimming mirrors have two interior sensors that detect bright lights. When potential problems are identified, these sensors trigger an electric response. This response causes an electrochromic substance behind the reflective glass to grow dark. As a result, the reflections of bright lights are dimmed and do not compromise drivers' vision.

Why These Accessories Are Important

You can be affected by the glaring reflection of bright headlamps for a full 1.4 seconds after the vehicle behind you has left the lane. Without an auto-dimming mirror in place, you can travel approximately 140 feet without being able to see the road clearly. Come by Volvo Cars Pensacola to check out our inventory of auto accessories or to set up a test drive.

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