For the most part, hydroplaning, though it seems to occur quickly, it is also fairly easy to avoid. As long as your vehicle is well-maintained and you maintain a good level of patience when it's raining, you're unlikely ever to have to deal with this scary situation. To help you understand better how to stay safe when it's raining, here are a couple of tips to stop hydroplaning before it starts.

One important factor is the tread on your tires. The patterns in a tire's tread are specifically designed to reduce the amount of moisture between the tire and the road so that there will be adequate grip. Therefore, it's crucial to keep this tread at least 2/32-inch deep to keep your tires on the road.

Another tip that's often overlooked is to reduce your speed when the roads in Pensacola are wet. A speed limit for a given road is based on dry roads and assumes you have good tires. This means that if the roads aren't dry or your tires aren't good, then you need to reduce your speed.


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