You Should Know the Importance and Function of Brake Fluid

At Volvo Cars Pensacola we always try to provide drivers with valuable information about car maintenance. Knowing how brake fluid works and why this fluid is important may help you prevent costly repairs to your car.

Brake fluid is a weighty hydraulic fluid that flows through brake lines whenever you depress the brake pedal. The fluid then applies pressure to the rotor so that your brake pads will create friction on the wheel and stop your car. As you can see, if your car lacks brake fluid the whole system can fail. Letting brake fluid fall below the recommended level can allow air to get in the brake lines. This can also damage your master cylinder.

If you would like to know more about brake fluid and the purpose it serves for your car we invite you to visit us at our dealership in Pensacola, FL. We are always willing to share service tips with drivers.

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