Getting around Pensacola requires a reliable vehicle. When you want to add a little fun and pleasure to the reliability of your vehicle, you want to think about Volvo. In particular, the Volvo S60 is Luxury sports car that combines comfort and excitement into a single, affordable package. It’s tough to find comparable cars that can offer so much for so little.

One of the keys to packing so much into a single vehicle lies in crafting an exquisite, feature-full exterior. The S60 is sleek, attractive and built for performance. It’s also packed with goodies. Take the heated windshield washer nozzles. This is something that never crosses your mind until you get hit with muddy slush. At that exact moment, you need the heated nozzles to keep driving safe and convenient, and yet, most cars don’t have this.

At the other end of the spectrum is the rain sensor. This informs the vehicle when it’s raining. It allows for automatic adjustments, including automated windshield wipers, to make every component of driving as convenient as possible. It’s pure luxury. If you want to see what a fully loaded luxury vehicle really feels like, come to Volvo Cars Pensacola and test drive a Volvo S60.



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