The XC40 Helps Drivers Stay in Their Lanes

The Volvo XC40 is a technologically rich and popular crossover SUV. While this vehicle offers drivers and passengers many delightful interior tools, it also goes far in it's quest to keep them safer. Several tools that help it accomplish this mission are the Volvo Lane Keeping service, oncoming Lane Mitigation system, and it's road run-off prevention service.

During long trips, it is common for drivers to experience short periods of inattention. The Volvo XC40 Lane Keeping assistant helps drivers to overcome such lapses in attention by keeping their vehicles in proper lanes of travel at all times. This system can even wake drivers up with special haptic vibrations and sounds if they drift too far out of place.

Another similar tool is the Volvo XC40 oncoming lane drift service. This technology uses sensors to mark vehicle positions and prevents the SUVs from crossing into oncoming lanes of travel. Yet another safety tool is the Volvo XC40 runoff prevention service. This Volvo technology is capable of monitoring road conditions and predicting when catastrophic runoffs may occur. During such times, the system can take precautionary actions to keep passengers and drivers safer. These actions may include pre-tensioning seatbelts and engaging automatic braking systems.



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