Safety Features to Consider in the New Volvo S90 Inscription Trim

There are a number of good reasons the Volvo S90 Inscription is a popular luxury sedan. Here at Volvo Cars Pensacola, we wanted to focus our efforts today on a number of safety features that drivers appreciate.

With the Blind Spot Information system, your Volvo S90 Inscription is able to detect traffic approaching from the rear and will alert you, so you maintain your driving lane. Side mirror lights flash so you will know instantly which lane to avoid until that vehicle has passed you safely.

The Lane-Keeping System in the new Volvo S90 Inscription is designed to aid you in the event your vehicle starts to leave the safety of the lane. Once this behavior is detected, the system starts to nudge the vehicle back into the lane or until you take control.

Now that you know about these features, stop by to test drive this luxury sedan and experience them for yourself.

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