Why Android Auto is so Popular

Android Auto is a popular in-vehicle technology that’s become very popular because it allows drivers and their families to bring their Android smartphones and devices with them down the road. Phones today don’t offer the same limited features as in the past. Android Auto allows people to take advantage of the many features while they’re on road, and they can do it hands-free. Stop at Volvo Cars Pensacola and learn more about Android Auto and how it can benefit you.

With Android Auto compatibility, you can send and receive texts, make phone calls, listen to your favorite tunes and get the easiest route to your destination. You can choose between pushing some buttons on the display monitor or making your request to Google Assistant. It’s easy and it’s a safe way to enjoy technology without taking your hands off the wheel.

Come to our Volvo showroom, get the facts on Android Auto, and take the vehicle of your choice out for a test drive.



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